Autoliv does research, develops and engineers solutions to better understand real life accidents as well as new risks associated with higher lever automatic driving. Autoliv in a nutshell:

Content and Process Management

Alfresco is an enterprise open-source software company focused on advancing the flow of digital business.  The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is used to digitize processes, manage content and securely govern information.  Alfresco helps over 1,300 industry-leading organizations and over 11 million people work in Alfresco daily. For more information on Alfresco, please visit


ENA delivers high-capacity broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, communication, and cloud solutions to K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries nationwide. ENA is working side-by-side with customers to ensure they have the connectivity, communication, and collaboration solutions they need to meet the growing demands of their students, faculty members, and patrons. ENA details:

Fronter is all about education. To improve education and make it more available, we build and deliver a teacher friendly learning platform. It is a service we provide to make it easier for teachers to engage students and allow them to take an active part in their own learning. More about Fronter:

Kaplan, as the leader in professional education, brings 35 years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge to their clients. The company collaboratively designs finance and accounting training programs that deliver effective training options for new and seasoned employees based on their learning styles. More about Kaplan:


GEO is a young company, established in Cambridge, a business that enjoys breaking new ground in home energy. Geo’s working field is Energy Space: monitor & control. Find out more about Geo:


TiVo is the pioneer in commercially-available digital video recorders (DVR). Always innovating to create the ultimate entertainment experience, TiVo is delivering beautiful user experiences and enabling the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to nurture more meaningful relationships with their audiences. TiVo info:

UMG is the world’s leading music company and the home for music’s greatest artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. They own and operate a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. UMG info:


iFOREX offers online trading for a wide range of financial assets, including Shares, Indices, Commodities and Currencies, in the forms of CFDs and Forex. In CFDs and Forex, investors have the ability to profit from the fluctuations in the price of a financial asset, by buying it cheap and selling it at a higher price or vice-a-versa. iForex details:


Benenden is a group of organisations providing a range of different products in health and wellbeing area. Benenden’s health offering has been supplemented with other wellbeing and insurance products to help sustain their core historical product and ensure that their mutual model remains the largest part of our operations going forward. More details about Benenden: