Local tech community meets Ness

Local tech community meets Ness

On July, 17th, we celebrated together with Ness partners and local tech influencers the launching of the 7th season of Game of Thrones. On this occasion, we enjoyed the breezy ambience of AMBASADA and we feasted with delicious thematic food and drinks, surrounded by a fantasy GoT inspired decor.

Over 70 people joined the event, gathering 3 types of audiences: colleagues, local tech influencers and Ness partners. The theme of the event was Game of Thrones, so it was only natural to watch together the season’s premiere. Everything was thematic: we had GoT flags, table cards, menus, stickers, food and drinks. We had an awesome food selection: from Dragon eggs, to Dorne’s potato pie or the Hound’s chicken, you could enjoy some of the GoT flavors. We have 4 special designed cocktails and Ness GoT labeled wines and beers. AMBASADA was the chosen location for the event, with an outdoor terrace and a spacious movie room.

Check out the fun we had:

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