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Iasi Technology Innovation Center

With over 260 talents, 15+ clients and a vast array of technologies, Ness Iasi Technology Innovation Center serve key vertical markets that include Education, Media and Publishing, Financial Services, Transportation, Entertainment, Software and High-End Technology.

We are proud contributors of business success of our partners – the leaders of their industries. Our expertise in software products and platforms development, research, experience engineering, agile and project and product management enables our partners to focus on achieving their strategic goals and growth. We work on a vast array of technologies: Scala, Java, .NET, Angular, QA Automation, Groovy on Grails, Haxe, Android & iOS.

Our partnerships are based on operating extended development centers (EDCs), currently composed of foreign clients solely. We create highly integrated, co-branded client teams that are fully aligned to business objectives. Technology teams work guided by an Adaptive Agile methodology, integrated tools and comprehensive governance.

Timisoara Technology Innovation Center

With over 80 talents on board, Timisoara Technology Innovation Center is expected to grow to a few hundred employees over the next three years. 

The Center is focused on delivering state-of-the-art solutions for Ness’ customers in both the U.S. and Europe. Timisoara is known for its talent base in the Automotive and Big Data arenas. To enable the digital transformation of its customers, Ness is investing in becoming the employer of choice for the brightest engineers in Timisoara for automotive, Internet of Things, Big Data, embedded systems, web development, mobile development, cloud development, and machine learning, among others.

The Ness team in Timisoara  helped clients develop innovative solutions during the Center’s first year of operations, including:

  • Supporting Autoliv in creating industry-leading active safety systems for automotive by using data from various vehicle sensors
  • Helping media and entertainment companies track and distribute profits from multiple sources in real-time to artists
  • Enabling retailers and marketers to increase revenues by personalizing the mix of products for customers